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Image Motion Tracker Project Report

  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • Image Motion Tracker Project Report

    The camera module provided by Terasic to capture two frames of images and stored them into SDRAM. To store both images in the SDRAM, we split the SDRAM into two partitions. Before we stored them into the SDRAM, we converted the images into black and white. This was to conserve temporary storage, for both SRAM and registers, and to speed up the compiling and synthesizing time. Also, because the camera was natively only one CCD, the conversion did not lose more content. Since we expected that the number of logic elements required to compute all partitions was too large for our FPGA, we decided to select the search area and reference box to be in the middle of the screen and only worked in this search area to demonstrate that our design was fully functional. It could be scaled-up to compute the full image if we have more resources. Instead of drawing a straight line, we outlined the entire search area and shaded the box with the minimum sum of absolute differences within the search area to see the output more clearly. The data for the outlines were not written back to the SDRAM. Instead, we just added the outline to the image when writing to the VGA buffer in SRAM. When we completed the design, we expected to see a black and white image with two outlines in the middle of the screen, and the smaller box would move around to track movement. Please refer to the Results section for more information. Following Figure is a high-level block diagram for the design.

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