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Parallel Tetris Project Report

  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • Parallel Tetris Project Report

    The aim of this project was to create a 2 player version of the popular game Tetris. The idea was to have each player playing the game on his own screen using the the PS/2 Keyboard for input and at the same time his play would influence the play of his opponent. By that I mean that when a player cleared lines on his game his opponent would go up a predefined number of lines (where each line was a random sequence of blocks) in his game. To add to this each player would be able to to view the state of his opponents game on his own screen enabling him to make informed decisons in his play. For this I used two Altera De2 Boards which were communicating over the serial port. The motivation behind this project was that I wanted to do a project which had a visual component to it and utilised a variety of the resources offered by the DE2 Board. I also wanted to do a project where some element of networking was involved. The design of a game with communication over the serial port accomplished all of these goals and helped me learn how to use a variety of components on the Altera Board.

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