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Head Related Transfer Function

  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • Head Related Transfer Function

          This final project is a real-time head related transfer function (HRTF) system. The goal of the HRTF is sound spatialization, where a sound source is 'positioned' such that a user wearing headphones will interpret the sound as coming from a location in space around their head. The HRTF is accomplished by filtering the left and right outputs of the music separately, through different FIR filters.
         This project allows for real-time positioning of multiple input sound sources, where the user (listening to music through headphones) can position an input source through the use of a graphical user interface.


    We are very pleased with our project. We were able to get multiple streams (over multiple mediums) to work, and for them to be positioned correctly. We were able to clearly distinguish two bands as they were positioned in different locations, where it would be very difficult if they were not positioned at all.
    Our architecture need not deal with HRTF alone. Currently, we have real-time filtering of 16-bit samples with 200-tap FIR filters. These can be used for anything at all! In fact, with a modification that the FPGA is able to reprogram its own coefficients through a ROM, it is then possible to create a complete filtering system capable of non-adaptive and adaptive filtering!
    Lastly, we both had a great time working on the project. Neither of us had really worked with audio filtering before (or filtering in general), so we both learned a great deal. Also, working with the DE2 for real-time filtering was more interesting than performing audio simulations using MATLAB.

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