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How to create Android apps using HTML, CSS and JS

  • Sriram PV
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  • In this post you will learn how to create android apps using simple technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is a very easy method for creating your own android apps. As android gives a access to install and uninstall apps without any restrictions, you can create and distribute your own android apps here after. Not only android apps, you can also create apps for Windowsphone 8, IOS and for Blackberry also by using this method.


    Create a html static websites. You just need to know HTML, css and JavaScript to create a simple website. It does not matter even if you don't know these technologies. There are plenty of free HTML5 templates that are available for you to download. You can edit the webpages and you can use it for your company or for your institution.

    Now go to the following link and download the zip file provided by phonegap

    Now import this source code into Android sdk. 

    Add a folder "www" in desktop\phonegap-android-master\src\assets.

    Now remove the pre installed html files from assets folder and add your html,css and js files in folder desktop\phonegap-android-master\src\assets\www\

    Now change the icon and name of the app and run it on emulator. Your webapp is now ready to distribute.

    Download this eBook in case you need to know further information about creating android app using html, css and js

    Note: Your HTML website/pages should be mobile  view compatible. Else making of these apps is of normally of no use.

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