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Google to let you send email in your own handwriting

  • Sriram PV
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  • WASHINGTON:  Google has introduced a new way of composing emails. Google has reportedly added a new handwriting input tool to G-Mail and Google Docs that allows users to send emails in their own handwriting.

    Google's Xinangye Xia said that people now can use to send emails and can write on Google docs with their own handwriting in totally 20 languages.

    Users can write using the help of cursor or mouse pad and Google will make its best to convert it into a typed version of text.

    Users can simply go to language settings and in General tab, you can select Enable all input tools. Under which a list will comeup every type of keyboard Google has to offer such input tool. And the languages behind the pencil icon will be supported for written formats. One can select at anytime, any language from that menu.

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