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Nokia was all set to release Android Mobiles

  • Sriram PV
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  • There were some rumours that Nokia was testing some experiments on Android using their Nokia devices.

    The rumour has been confirmed: Nokia was working on an Android smartphone at the time that Microsoft decided to buy Nokia's phone business. That's likely one of the key reasons that Microsoft decided to take the plunge and make the deal.

    Microsoft's initial deal with Nokia about Windows Phone ran only until the end of 2014. And later that Nokia wished to make android mobiles. But finally Microsoft brought Nokia for  $ 7.2 Bilions.

     Famous AdDuplex research reveals that 

    Nokia has 87% of Windows Phone 8 market share worldwide,
    HTC at 10%,
    Samsung at 2%, and
    Huawei at 1%

    Not only that, Nokia owns 9 out of top 10 Windows mobiles.

    And what happens if Nokia moves to android? You got the answer right?

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