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Engineering Projects on Electronics, Electrical's and Communications for Sale

  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • following are the Engineering Projects  on Electronics, Electrical's and Communications for Sale,
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    1)      Traffic signal Control system based on density.
    2)      Speed control of train based on signals.
    3)      RFID based toll gate billing system.
    4)      Electronic voting machine based on RFID.
    5)      Autonomous car parking robotic vehicle.
    6)      GSM based spy robot.
    7)      Micro controller based home security system along with auto dialer.
    8)      Library management system using RFID.
    9)      Prepaid power distribution system using Smartcard.
    10)  Digital power saver using micro controller and RTC.
    11)  GSM based power conservation system.
    12)  Train station identification system using RFID.
    13)  Wireless electronic notice board using ASK technique.
    14)  Data Encryption, Decryption and distribution mechanism.
    15)  Ambient conditions monitoring and controlling system using multiple sensor network.
    (Green house environment monitoring system)
    16)  Precision range finding technique using Ultrasonic.
    17)  Visitor counter based room light intensity control system.
    18)  MEMS based remote controller robot.
    19)  PIR based home automation (PIR based energy saving system).
    20)  Automatic railway gates and signal monitoring system.
    21)  RFID based speed control of vehicle at sensitive zones.
    22)  Solar panel motion control based on luminosity.
    23)  Water tank level monitoring and control system along with protection of motor from DRY RUN.
    24)  Power distribution lines fault analysis system along with area map.
    25)  Accelerometer based tilt alarm for vehicles along curves of ghat roads.
    26)  Electronic menu
    27)  Speed control at sensitive zones
    28)  Visitor counter based ambient control system.
    29)  Home automation using sensor network.
    30)  CAN protocol implementation.
    31)  OMR sheet evaluation.
    32)  GSM based data acquisition system.
    33)  SMS based weather monitering system.
    34)  Wireless secured data communication system.

    35)  RFID bus positioning system.

    141 Engineering Projects on "Communications"

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