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Google Placement Paper -1 (2011)

  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • Welcome to Google Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find Google Placement Paper Pattern
    Google Placement Paper
    2011 Google Placement Paper:-

    1. 5,5,,13,13,21,21

    Ans: 29

    2. 0,7,26,63,124,

    Ans: 215 i.e.n**3-1 rule following

    3. 1,3,5,7,

    Ans: 9 '1' is not a prime number

    4. If a person walks at 4/5th of his usual spee he reaches 40min late. If  he walks athis usual speed how much time does he travels.

    Ans:160min or 2hr 40min

    5. Two trains A&B start at opposite points 120km at 60kmph. A fly  starting along with train A at 120kmph reaches B then returns back to  touch and continue. By the time two trains meet howmuch distance the fly  would have travelled?

    Ans : By 1hour both trains meet, so the distance travel by fly in 1hr is 120km.

    6. In a class 80% have passed english,70% passed Hindi 10% didnot passed either. If 144 students passed both. What is the total strength of the class.

    Ans: 240

    7. Find the least number when divided by 7 gives the reminder 6, when divided by 6 gives reminder 5, when divided by 5 gives reminder 4 and so on....

    Ans: 419

    8. If a man stands in front of sun what is the first letter of the direction which is left to him:

    Ans: North(N)

    9. A square is to circle what is cube to

    Ans: sphere

    10. Synonyms
    i) Joy = gay
    ii) Inert = Inactive

    11. One wordswill begiven find oddman out: Ans:sickle like that

    a) sow         b) cut         c)         d) sickel

    12. If I bought a cycle before 2days of my birthday and I broke it after 3 days of my birthday the day I broke is Mar2, 1956? Answer following logical questions?
    i) When is his birthday?

    Ans: April,28 (due to leap year i.e.1956) but do not keep answer blindly we just think before choosing answer Iam just giving ideaof question

    14. What is my father's sons son to my son?

    Ans: cousin brother

    15. On cutting which solid parabola would be generated

    Ans: cone

    16. Eulers formula:

    Ans: F+V-E=2;
    F= faces; V= vertices; E = number of edges

    17. Newton Rapson method is to find

    Ans:to find the root of f(x) = 0;

    18. How many tangents can be dran within three circles if they donot lie within each other

    Ans : 12 But this answer is not there I kept 8 as answer

    19. In language the fortran which is true. A) fortran uses call by value

    20. When a program is compiled what it produces

    Ans:source code to object code

    21. In the following venn diagram shaded region is represented by some question like that I can't draw figure here thats why Iam sendinganswer only

    Ans: (B-A)' i.e. (B-A) whole dash

    22. xy-x+2y = 6 equation is shifted to form equation xy=c what is c?

    Ans : 4

    23.When x is real what is the least value of (x**2-6*x+5)/(x**2+2*x+1)


    24. What is the mistake in the following program segment ?
    int a;
    void c;

    a) What will be the value of b and why ?
    b) If in first statement a=0 is replaced by a = -1, b= ?
    c) If in second statement a=0 is replaced by a = -1, b=?

    char *a[2];
    int const *p;
    int *const p;
    struct new { int a;int b; *var[5] (struct new)}
    Describe the statements in the above given construct ?

    int a=2;
    f1(int c)
    printf("%d", c);
    What is the value of c ?

    f(int t)
    case 2: c=3;
    case 3: c=4;
    case 4: c=5;
    case 5: c=6;
    default: c=0;
    What is the value of c?

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