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Google's Facebook killer, Google+

  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • Google's Facebook killer, Google+

    Google has launched one of its most secretive project till date, yes that's Google+ for you. Google that was and is presumed to be a company based on algorithm taking a social shift to connect with the people. The Social media is expanding wider and that's a good news! So what's so special about Google+?
    A feature wherein you can do group video chat with upto 10 people! like a facebook and Skype marriage? All you have to do is click on the hangout feature, a notification will be sent to your friends that you are ready to hangout, people who are interested will join for a video chat. It's that simple!

    This feature enables you to create social groups with much ease compared to Facebook group, The user interface is super cool, thanks to HTML 5. The news is that you can make a status update and target to which ever circle (group of friends/people categorised based on interest/occupation etc) you want in a single click. Another killer feature that enables seamless sharing of the entire social experience is the Google+ toolbar. The toolbar once launched will be available across all the Google products, watch out for a grey colour tool bar on the top of your browser next time you log in.

    It's called the content sharing engine by Google. A feature that will enable you to see what people "liked" oops! +1nd on web - this can be customised to any interest of your choice. A feature mostly controlled by people power through Google +1 button.

    Mobile Google+
    Yes, there will be mobile version of Google+, especially on Google controlled Android network. One killer feature of the Google+ mobile app will be 'instant photo upload' from mobile to PC. In simple words the moment you take a photo from your mobile it will automatically uploaded to your PC and it's ready to share!

    The hopes are high, so keep your eyes open, as per Google's sources there will be partial roll out of Google+ and a lot of beta testing in pipeline. It will be interesting to watch this space as to how Facebook react to Google's answer.

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