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Windows 7 Tweaks Ebook

  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • Windows 7 Tweaks: A Comprehensive Guide on Customizing, Increasing Performance, and Securing Microsoft Windows 7 

    Front Cover:-

    Book Details:-
    Author(s): Steve Sinchak
    Publisher: Wiley
    Date: 2009
    Format: PDF
    ISBN10: 0470525916
    Pages: 408
    Book Description:-
    The definitive guide to unlocking the hidden potential of the Windows 7 OS 
    Written by bestselling author and the creator of Steve Sinchak, this unique guide provides you with the ultimate collection of hidden gems that will enable you to get the most out of Windows 7. Packed with more than 400 pages of insider tips, the book delves beneath the surface to reveal little-known ways to tweak, modify, and customize Windows 7 so you can get every ounce of performance from your operating system. 
    Regardless of your experience with tweaking your system, you'll find fascinating and fun tips and tricks for getting under the hood of Windows 7 that will allow you to optimize its appearance, speed, usability, and security. 
    Bestselling author and creator of shows you how to tweak, modify, customize, and take complete control of the new Windows 7 operating system 
    Unlocks hidden gems for optimizing the appearance, speed, usability, and security of the Windows 7 OS 

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