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  • Sonique is an easy-to-use audio player capable of handling Microsoft Windows Media files, MP3 files, audio CDs, and more.

    It fuses a highly stylized aesthetic with a fluid, windowless interface and fully animated menu systems.

    Additional functionality includes a full-featured playlist editor, a variety of unique output visualization modes via plug-ins, and a robust control set featuring pitch, balance and amplification adjustment, as well as a 20-band equalizer with spline-based level adjustment.

    It supports many audio formats, including MP3, MP2, OGG, WAV, MOD, XM, IT, S3M, and CD audio and all MS Windows Media audio formats.

     key features

    1. · Full-featured playlist editor.
    2. · Supports numerous audio formats including MP3 & CD Audio. Can replace windows CD Player.
    3. · Supports Streaming MP3 (icecast, shoutcast, etc).
    4. · Contextual Help System.
    5. · Extensive Skin support.
    6. · Modular architecture with support for both audio and visual plug-ins.
    7. · Several built in visualizations with support for more via Sonique's plug-in system.
    8. · CD-Player like control set plus pictch adjusting Jog/Shuttle Control.
    9. · Equipped with our own AE4 Mpeg Audio Decoder.
    10. · Online capabilties including online update, music search, and direct access to the sonique music distribution site.
    11. · A complete set of audio controls (20 band equalizer, balance, pitch etc).
    12. · Dynamic windowless interface design.
    13. · Fully animated menu systems.

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