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How To Install Ubuntu as any Other Windows Application

  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • How To Install Ubuntu as any Other Windows Application

    WUBIMost of the Windows users are reluctant to install Linux on their system. They are afraid to risk their life! But, do we have to take such a risk to install Linux? Not anymore! Now you can install Ubuntu Linux on your Windows system just like installing a normal program, and uninstall the same way without damaging your system!

    Ingredients :
    Method :
    • If you are installing from the CD, Put the CD into the CD ROM and the auto-run will start. If it didn’t start automatically, go to My Computer and double click on the CD (We are going to use this method).
    • If you are installing from the WUBI Installer, double click on the downloaded installer file.
    1) On the first screen, select : “Install inside Windows”
    Wubi : Ubuntu Menu
    Wubi : Ubuntu Menu
    2) Next, select the settings for Ubuntu as follows :
    • Installation Drive : The drive you want to install Ubuntu (It won’t take the whole drive, it will create a small virtual drive inside it with the size you define below)
    • Installation Size : The size of the virtual drive. I recommend you to select 10 GB or more (but even 5 GB is enough!)
    • Desktop environment : If you don’t know anything about this select Ubuntu. If you use the CD it will only show the desktop environment in the CD.
    • Language : You know your language…. so go ahead and select it!
    • User Name : Any user name, as you like.
    • Password : Your strong password.
    After you finish everything, select “”Install”
    Now, sit back and wait! If you use the CD, it will take a lesser time, because all the files are in the CD. But if you use the installer, it will take some time for it to download the installation files from the net!
    3) After they finish the installation, take the CD out , select “Reboot now” and click on “Finish”
    4) Now, when rebooting you will see a screen as shown below. In that menu, select “Ubuntu” and press enter.
    Windows Boot Loader
    Windows Boot Loader
    5) After that the system will go thought the final stages of the installation and reboot, When rebooting, again select Ubuntu. Then, you’ll see a screen as follows. In that screen select “Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic”  (the number 2.6.31-14 might vary, so don’t get scared about it!) and press enter.
    GRUB Boot Loader
    GRUB Boot Loader
    Now, you’ll get the login screen! Select your user name and enter the password! After that…. Enjoy!
    To Uninstall Ubuntu, just go to, Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and uninstall Ubuntu from your system!

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